Process Skid Packages and Modules

Charles Thompson’s packaged process systems division offers a service tailored to suit your – often unique – requirements, from the manufacture of individual pipe spools to fully engineered and constructed packages.

Process skid packages are allocated a Charles Thompson project manager to oversee the job from design to delivery and final inspection, ensuring milestones, deadlines, quality and safety specifications and budgets are met.

Process Skid Package Design Services

From the submission of your initial P&IDs and project specification, Charles Thompson will develop the plant layout and complete the detailed package engineering activities, including the mechanical design of piping and structures and the production of associated detailed fabrication drawings.

Charles Thompson’s in-house mechanical design services are complemented by our electrical and instrument design services, which offer clients a comprehensive range of project options including:

  • The specification and procurement of electrical equipment
  • Instruments and controls
  • The installation of this equipment

The final completed package can be functionally tested at Charles Thompson’s works prior to dispatch. Our packaged process systems division can handle single process skids up to 120 tonnes and 5800mm shipping width.

Charles Thompson’s packaged process systems division will also refurbish plants on site.

Complete Packaged Process Systems – Full Service

Charles Thompson’s packaged process systems division provides a turnkey service, offering specialist ancillary services to complete your project.

These include:

  • Painting
  • Galvanising
  • Polishing
  • Installation of insulation and refractory.

Specifying and Purchase of Valves for Modular Build Projects

All valves, including actuated type, are purchased strictly in accordance with the CTL generated specifications based on client requirements. Typical testing requirements for H2S service valves include:

  • Type Acceptance Testing (TAT)
  • General requirements (materials & NDE) to API 6D
  • Hydro-test / torque test to API 6D / API 598
  • Low temperature test (when required) to API 6D / API 598
  • Fugitive emission test to ISO 15848-2 to tightness class A(HS)
  • For valves in excess of 2500# rating and to API 6A, additional PR2 & PSL3G testing would be performed in excess of the above requirements