Filtration & Drying Equipment

Charles Thompson’s award-winning filtration & drying division undertakes R&D and thorough testing of new equipment, ensuring customer needs are realised as well as being right first time.  We take on the risks associated with R&D, ensuring what we deliver is fit for purpose and reliable.

As leading filtration and drying specialists, Charles Thompson designs and produces Nutsch type filter dryers for global pharmaceutical and fine chemical manufacturers, plus a wide range of other filtration and drying equipment.

Our range of equipment that can be supplied for laboratory grade and pilot plant equipment on hand to test compounds weighing from a few hundred grammes to hundreds of kilograms, as well as bespoke design equipment to meet all aspects of clients’ requirements.

  • 1 litre pocket filters
  • 2 litre filter and pan dryers
  • 20 litre filter and pan dryers
  • 200 litre filter dryers
  • 360 litre filter dryers
  • 2,000 litre filter dryers

Pharmaceutical Filtration & Drying Equipment

Charles Thompson is a market leader in the supply of Nutsch filter dryers and pressure filters to the world’s top pharmaceutical and fine chemical manufacturers.

Our range of equipment covers laboratory-sized units, all the way through to bulk manufacturing machines, which are designed and manufactured at our UK workshops. Product variations can be efficiently addressed to specifically suit our client’s needs.

Typical materials for the units include Hastelloy ® C2000, C22, C276 and Stainless Steels.

Contact us directly to request sample literature for our equipment, together with standard brochures and detailed product specifications.

Nutsch Filter Dryer

Charles Thompson’s Nutsch filter dryer, using the latest technology, allows filtration, washing, drying and automated discharge to be safely performed under inert and contained conditions.

Its intuitive design makes the machine suitable for processing toxic and high value substances with total protection for both the product and operators.

Our Nutsch filter dryers are designed and manufactured in the UK by Charles Thompson filtration and dryer engineers, at our own production facility, giving us total project control during production.