Duplex / Super Duplex Heat Exchangers

Charles Thompson Duplex heat exchangers for the petrochemical industry – can be designed and manufactured at our facilities to your specifications – for both on and off shore applications.

Duplex steel heat exchangers made by Charles Thompson are used in petrochemical, oil & gas, fine chemical and agro chemical and water treatment plants.

Our Duplex heat exchangers can be manufactured to a maximum of 3m in diameter, with lengths up to 38m. Each individual component weighs up to 120,000kg, with wall thickness of up to 50mm.

Duplex/Super Duplex steel heat exchanger specifications:

  • 3m diameter
  • 38m length
  • 50mm thickness
  • 120 tonne weight

Heat exchangers can be manufactured from different material, such as HIC-resistant steels, Stainless, Nickel Alloys, corrosion resistant metals and clad combinations.