Engineering Company Moves To Low-Carbon Heating

Charles Thompson Ltd (CTL) has invested in biomass heating for its headquarters in Rotherham, to support its environmental policy and heat its buildings more cost-effectively.

The company has taken delivery of three 240kW biomass heating cabins from Windhager UK, a low carbon heating solutions provider.

Also known as modular boiler house systems, the BioCABINs will accommodate the technology required to provide renewable biomass heating to the offices and factory floor.

Peter Coe, Technical Director at CTL, said: “The choice to invest in biomass heating is both a practical and environmental one. It will hopefully reduce the cost of heating the site, something that has been a considerable overhead.

“The choice to take a low carbon approach to heating our site also helps us work in a more sustainable manner, reducing our overall carbon footprint and helping us to achieve our environmental goals. It will be a sound investment which should pay for itself over a number of years.”

Work has now begun to install heaters, fans and piping controls. The installation is scheduled for completion in autumn, just in time to counteract the colder weather and is part of a rolling programme of ongoing improvements and investments at Glasshouse Road.