• Liquid penetrant examination
  • Magnetic particle examination
  • Hydrostatic testing
  • Hardness testing
  • Ultrasonic examination
  • Positive Material Inspection (PMI)
  • Ferrite testing
  • Sensitive gas (Helium/Nitrogen) leak testing

These procedures for NDT can be sub-contracted locally, using approved test houses:

  • Radiography
  • Eddy current
  • Tensile testing
  • Impact testing
  • Micro/macro examination
  • Corrosion testing

We employ registered notified bodies for stage and final code inspections

Following fabrication, all CRA (Alloy 625/825) and Duplex fabricated pipe spools are pickled and passivated, by immersion. For vessels and other components this is usually applied by spraying. The procedure embraces the requirements of the following specifications and standards:

  • ASTM A380
  • ASTM A967

To ensure the correct material supply in the final fabricated condition, every component of a CRA/Duplex pipe spool, system or fabrication including finished welds are subject to full PMI, marking and recording.

CTL generates an in-house procedure specific to the contract for client approval. Portable alloy analysers with a fluorescence device (either X-ray tube or isotope base) are used.

For Packaged Equipment, following bolt torquing and tensioning of the flanged joints, high pressure gas sensitive leak testing of the system is performed using Nitrogen and Helium to ensure integrity of the final assembled system prior to despatch.

CTL can provide a full FAT of completed skid assemblies. This can include a full FAT of the skid and its components including Foundation Fieldbus checks for the remote operated MOV valves, instrumentation and ESD signal checks. The FAT can be performed with a client witness following a fully approved FAT protocol.